Cornetto Disc Red Velvet Pa...

To promote the Cornetto Disc Red Velvet Party with The Veronica's across Today's Hit Network Facebook pages.

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Tayto Swift

To seize and reflect Taylor Swift coming back to Australia we re-made Taylor Swift's iconic moments with a potato named Tayto Swift

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Video Resume Blake Phillips

A video I created to support my application for Today Network Executive Digital Content Producer. Video is addressed to Clive Dickens and Chris Johnson.

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Cams Videos

Spent a solid year behind Premiere Pro cutting up videos for the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport. GoPros, BlackMagic Cinema Cameras, Drones and hanging out of rental car boots summed up my 2014.

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Grand Prixviews

Made in 2012 as an excuse to learn Final Cut Pro and eventually Premiere Pro, and to harass my vehicular challenged co-host Peter McGinley into a race suit. Filmed in a mate's lounge room, with a garage floor light and black sheets hiding the couch and coffee table. And filmed with a book for a tripod. It's amazing what you can improvise!

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Box Of Neutrals 2015 Graphics

This is an unreleased draft of a re-brand, 'cos hey they're in fashion in radio now, for ABC Grandstand's Formula 1 programme Box Of Neutrals. Surprisingly less flames, beer and metal gradients that you would expect from motorsport. Still a massive work-in-progress!

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Making Christian Mobile

A really satisfying project. Created a logo for a campaign for a radio friend of mine at Snowy Mountains 2XL to raise funds for a local family, whose son has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, $6,000 to purchase a new wheelchair before starting school in 2015. Dan & Maz, Hamish & Andy, Jonesy & Amanda, Ray Hadley & The Continuous Call Team, Olympic athletes and rugby squads donated various items for an auction in support of the cause.

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Star Fm Breakfast Launch

To kick off 2015, I was asked to produce a package for my station including web graphics, some audio production and some TVCs to launch the new breakfast show. I'll keep posting more as I go along, but here's a few now.


Cricket Wags

I was lucky enough to create a handful of female engagement videos for Cricket Australia for the Big Bash League. I got to know the players by bowling a ‘quick over of questions’ to their partners. I spoke to: Melbourne Renegades Matt Wade’s wife – Julia Wade Brisbane Heat Shannon Gannon’s wife – Leah Gannon Sydney Sixers Ryan Carters’ gf – Sarah Darmody It was a project I needed cameraman in each state – and a ball to work on.


On The List

On The List creates engaging videos showcasing the best Melbourne has to offer. We create a weekly video featuring one very different and exciting event happening in Melbourne each weekend, along with a handful of other options. Using a highly sharable short format it’s designed to offer locals and visitors that one hot tip to help them make the most of their days off.


You Can Connect Logo

Creatd in collaboration with The Sony Foundation are developing a social platform for young Cancer fighters to connect. Let's come up with an awesome logo design for them! This is just a start...

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Summer Cider (First Taste V...


#Hit100 Countdown

Graphic design for the Fox FM #Hit100 new years eve countdown

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Creatd Launch Video

Let's create something special to communicate the potential of Creatd to the rest of Australia! Throw around some ideas on the whiteboard! Here's a few examples that got my eye:

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A Day Of Just Giving

We filmed this little idea on Saturday, December 20 2014 in Melbourne. By Josh Janssen & Jeremy Carne.

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Example Project

Just an example of what you can do with Creatd projects right now.

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